Dazzling Testimonials

"This book has been a catalyst for a fantastic journey of personal growth. I was greatly surprised by the impact it has had on my thinking, my perception of life and my actions. I not only learnt that I already do love my job, but also how to feel at ease with myself and my life in a world that I can only partly influence."

Dr Jill Kabelitz
Head of Finance & Treasury, Shipping Company

Refreshing and written wonderfully clearly! Everything is presented aptly and to the point, well analysed and succinct. It’s been a pleasure to read this book. Going through all the exercises has greatly increased my quality of life. Thank you! The learnings are also transferable to other areas of life that are not fully balanced. Hans Schumann opens doors for everybody, whatever their problem. It’s a gift!"

Anja Biewer
Civil Judge, Regional Court, Germany

"This book is packed with useful exercises all relevant and easy to use with illustrative case studies throughout. It deals with all the objections we might have to moving forward and the result is a work of real humanity and understanding of just how challenging this process can be. This is an excellent self-help book and deserves to be widely read - highly recommended.”

Ross Nichols
The Transition Transformer™, Business Mentor, Coach, Contrarian and Speaker

A must-have for those considering a change in career or even for those wanting to re-discover their passion for their current role.

Written with the empathy and courage of personnel experience, and the rich diversity of others' perspectives, to create a compelling and thought provoking message for the reflective and conscientious professional. “

Jess Petrie
Lawyer, Financial Services

Whether you are hitting a career crisis or considering changing your work or nature of job, you will find this book invaluable to help you along establishing that change. This book is for anyone considering a change in their work and wanting to pinpoint what’s next. It’s a must read and I highly recommend this book.”

Jess PetrieRafah Sabbagh
Coach, Wellness Consultant, Speaker & Writer

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